VDI started off as a company specializing in providing telecommunications equipment. During 10 years of operation, VDI has constantly transformed to keep up with the digital trends and to meet the rigid requirements of the IT industry.

The services we now provide are diversified, covering a wide range of fields and expertises. We accompany our clients by delivering integrated IT solutions; full package digital transformation service; and contemporary technological research & development.


Thành lập công ty với tên CTin Trading


Triển khai chuỗi hệ thống bán lẻ điện thoại toàn quốc - VNPT 5G


Chuyển hướng xây dựng các mô hình Kinh doanh trên nền tảng Công nghệ tài chính (FinTech)


Đổi tên thành VDI; Thành lập Trung tập SI và trung tâm DVS


Triển khai dịch vụ VietlottSMS


Thành lập trung tâm R&D

Our Vision

To contribute fundamental values ​​to the technological development of our society.

Our Mission

To help customers master the ever-evolving technology with in-depth knowledge, professionalism and innovative approach.

About Us

Our Team

About Us

Upholding the ideology “Commitment, prestige is the key to success”, our customers are always the center of our work.. We also focus on training our young technical team by creating opportunities, entrusting responsibilities so that they can be proactive in their work, promote their capacity and making sure that their worth is recognized. 

About Us

We aim to contribute to the general development of society through building a digital ecosystem across the fields of entertainment, finance, commerce, telecommunications… To do this, we have been setting up a team of highly qualified personnel, dedicated to their work and constantly learning to develop.

About Us

Joining VDI, our team will become the pioneer in researching and applying technology to develop products that bring value to society. At the same time, the R&D center will constantly strive to make Vietnamese technology brands become world-renowned!

About Us

Solidarity, Creativity, Professionalism are the values ​​that we aim to build for our team. We’re ready to accept new opportunities and challenges, contributing to enhancing VDI brand and delivering outstanding services ​​to customers and partners.

About Us

VDI is not only the place where I have accompanied many colleagues to lay the first bricks, but I myself have grown a lot from here. In the coming time, I believe that the company will achieve many things thanks to the talents and enthusiasm of each individual that resonated with the solidarity of the VDI collective.