Mobile Financial Services – MFS

Customer VPBank, Mobifone

In 2017, Vietnam Prosperity Joint‑Stock Commercial Bank (VPBank) and MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation (MobiFone) shook hands, incorporating telecommunications, mobile, retail and financial services for a special project. This association brings a lot of convenience to the customers. Specifically, customers who have MobiFone subscriptions can save considerable time if they’d like to register for VPBank’s unsecured lending service. In addition to this convenience, customers are fully aware of, in advance, how much they can borrow to be more proactive with their financial management. Customers can register for the service via many channels, such as MobiFone and VPBank’s POS branches, official websites, and via syntax text messages. Particularly for loyal customers, MobiFone will specifically send a message and have staff contact to advise more on the service. .


VDI is proud to be an IT infrastructure developer and system integrator for the MobiFone-VPBank Mobile Finance service and their co-branded credit cards.


With our technical system, VDI is committed to to support our partners in:

  • Assessing customer’s credit score based on MobiFone’s raw data and VPBank’s scoring criteria, to provide the best limit and interest rate for each customer, improving the competitiveness of the financial services and to offer more values to MobiFone subscribers, which help to both maintain existing customers and acquire new subscribers.
  • After identifying target customers, VDI also provides an automatic messaging system to promote the financial services.

In addition to the constructions and operation of the mentioned technical system, VDI always fulfills its responsibilities in ensuring the safety and security of Customer information, and is always ready to support partners when problems arise. The resonance of effective, suitable technical solutions and our professionalism create VDI’s irreplaceable value as a partner of this MFS project.