Video Conferencing Solution – Cisco Collaboration

Customer Viettel

Client’s Issue

Viettel is a transnational corporation with a number of member companies and branches. A solution for online meetings and conferences where parties can exchange, interact and share data in real time is needed. Viettel seeks a solution that offers mobility, timely responsiveness and is budget friendly.

An online meeting tool can support Viettel employees in communicating with each other despite the geographical barriers. Additionally, it is an essential mean for Viettel to approach potential stakeholders, partners to expand their business and seek collaboration opportunities across the world.

Our Solution

Cisco Collaboration is a standard solution for remote conferencing, providing three-way, personal experience that connects groups and individuals in a variety of ways, extending face-to-face collaboration across the enterprise, partners and suppliers. No longer limited to the purpose of saving travel costs when holding traditional meetings, Cisco Collaboration aims to build a collaborative working environment with diverse interoperability, reshaping the business operating model by providing completely new experiences.

Video Conferencing Solution – Cisco Collaboration

With the evolution of traditional video conferencing from standard definition (SD) to high quality (HD), Cisco Collaboration’s diverse portfolio of endpoints and complete infrastructure components are suitable for any types of businesses whether they are investing in a whole new infrastructure or upgrading their current one. User friendliness, efficiency, and high return on investment are the advantages of Cisco Collaboration solutions.