SDN (Cisco ACI) Solution for Data Center

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Client’s Issue

Until recent years, traditional data centers with a typical 3-layer architecture Core – Aggregation/Distribution – Access have become the common design model of many enterprises. The reason for its popularity is that it provides a hierarchical structure, offers high-speed packet switching between modules, and is flexible with the physical infrastructure.

However, over time, this traditional network model is losing its mentioned capability because:

  • The module is costly,
  • Traffic is complex and resource-intensive, not optimized,
  • The invention of virtual servers is challenging its efficiency and flexibility,
  • The maximum number of vlans (4096 according to IEEE 802.1Q) leads to limited capacity, especially when enterprises want to scale up their data center, business performance,and meet their tenants’ increasing demands,
  • The abilities to monitor the system and display traffic are limited, 
  • Error detection and handling are not as efficient.

Our Solution

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure – Cisco ACI is a technology that enables the use of applications to define networks, policy models to define how applications and attached systems communicate. Moreover, policies used in ACI can define almost every aspect of system configuration and administration, and integrate software with hardware. This architecture simplifies, optimizes and accelerates the entire lifecycle of the deployed application all at once.

ACI provides a deployable, monitorable, and manageable network environment that delivers the greatest benefit in many fields such as SDN, cloud computing, DevOps, and security. ACI supports rapid application change with its framework that automatically allocates and manages resources.

SDN (Cisco ACI) Solution for Data Center