Unified storage infrastructure expansion project

Customer Viettel

Client’s Issue

Viettel is a transnational corporation with a number of member companies and branches covering all of Vietnam and in several countries With the rapid development of IT, Viettel needs an optimal storage solution that delivers high performance and efficiency for their data center environments.

Our Solution

The storage equipment that we offered to address Viettel’s need is DELL EMC Unity XT 880 – DELL Hybrid Unified Storage

The storage solution that we recommend for Viettel is the DELL EMC Hybrid Unifed Storage Unity XT 880, a solution that supports both Block and File protocols on a pair of controllers without an additional external NAS gateway. Unity XT 880 supports many block protocols such as FC, iSCSI and NAS protocols – NFS, CIFS, etc. The solution includes 2 active-active controllers and uses 12Gbps SAS connection for the backend disk, the operating system is optimized to help deliver high performance and efficiency in large data center environments.

Unified storage infrastructure expansion project

Some of Unity XT 880 features worth mentioning:
– Space saving by providing compression and deduplication
– Tight integration with VMware and Microsoft through VASA, VAAI, VVol’s, SMB, NFS, CIFS
– Integration with Openstack block and file platform.
– Built-in AppSync software, supports copy data management features to help maximize and protect Microsoft, VMware, Oracle environments.
– Centralized administration on Unisphere interface for all features from files, blocks to VVol’s.
– Supports file systems up to 256TB with compression for files, space shrink, replication, quota, etc…
– Supports IP Multi-tenancy
– Support QoS feature, help manage I/O limit through bandwidth or IOPS.
– Supports sync and async replication features.
– Virtualization version support Virtual Storage Appliance.